vectorizāˈtion or vectorisāˈtion noun
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  • Vectorization — may refer to: * Vectorization (computer graphics), the process of converting raster graphics into vector graphics. * Vectorization (computer science), converting a computer program from a scalar implementation to a vectorized program. *… …   Wikipedia

  • Vectorization (computer science) — Vectorization, in computer science, is the process of converting a computer program from a scalar implementation, which does an operation on a pair of operands at a time, to a vectorized program where a single instruction can perform multiple… …   Wikipedia

  • Vectorization (mathematics) — In mathematics, especially in linear algebra and matrix theory, the vectorization of a matrix is a linear transformation which converts the matrix into a column vector. Specifically, the vectorization of an m×n matrix A , denoted by vec( A ), is… …   Wikipedia

  • Vectorization (computer graphics) — In computer graphics, vectorization refers to the process of using software and hardware technology/services to convert raster graphics into vector graphics.Popular applications: *In computer aided design (CAD) drawings (blueprints etc.) are… …   Wikipedia

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